Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Angel & Natural Pet

“ Hi, my name’s Angel. Can I complain? Every time I go for walks, people often stop dead in their tracks and call me names. “Tissue box!” “Mop!” “Gandalf!” Some even enquired if I were bleached. Or put through a digital re-bonding process – I kid you not. And should these folks carry cameras, the inevitable is guaranteed: I would be forced to pose like some celebrity for the paparazzi! Mum, I know you say you are what you eat and you make sure Bam & I are fed the best to look & feel our best … but … but … I really don’t want be a mini celebrity. ”

Product : Natural Pet Skin & Coat Supplement
                Natural Pet Advance Joint Care Formula Liquid
Pet’s Name : Angel
Breed : Maltese
Owner's Name : Cecilia Law