Thursday, June 20, 2013

Maxi & Natural Pet

" She was born from a stray dog & suffered from numerous skin & fur problems. Visited to the vet clinics did helped but the problems returned. I could only watched with a heavy heart whenever she kept licking & scratching the affected parts. Last year I visited the Pet World Exhibition @ MidValley, one of your staff recommended me Natural Pet skin & coat supplement for optimal fur growth. Unknown if it will work out, I still decided to give it a try.
And voila !! painstaking patience paid off. Her skin & fur condition improved. Seeing her so healthy & playful has given me so much confidence on this product. And I personally do like this product very much bcos it really do helped. Thank you Natural Pet for giving her a clean & healthy skin & fur. "

Product : Natural Pet Skin & Coat Supplement
Pet's Name : Maxi
Age : 18 months
Breed : Mongrel / Mixed Breed
Owner's Name : Kenneth Chua