Friday, June 21, 2013

Bambino & Natural Pet

“ Hi, Bam here. Angel's sis. Mum wants me to share my story, too. Not to win anything but to let you know Natural Pet products do work. My sis & i are healthy-looking examples, no? (I look sleepy in the pic - just woke & was still in my PJs). Unfortunately, my coat grew so well & so thick mum had to give me a GI Jane shave to keep me cool - we Shih Tzus don't react well to the heat. A short crop also makes me look younger. I'll be 10 years old soon but some people still ask mum if i were a pup! Glucosamine, thanks! ”

Product : Natural Pet Skin & Coat Supplement 
                 Natural Pet Advance Joint Care Formula Liquid
Pet’s Name : Bambino 
Age : - Breed : Shih Tzu 
Owner's Name : Cecilia Law