Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bebe & Natural Pet

“ Even at 12 years old, Bebe is a very active dog and that is why he always sprains his legs. Also, he was diagnosed with arthritis just last year, which caused him much discomfort and pain in moving around, let alone jumping and running which is what he loves to do best. 

However, after the use of Once – Daily Super Multi with Glucosamine, his condition has improved! He can now move around with ease and enjoys running as much as before! This product has certainly improved his mobility as well as restores flexibility of his joints! Thank you Natural Pet Worldwide for this wonderful product! My dog has definitely returned to his usual activity level and brought much joy to my family! ”

Pet’s Name : Bebe
Age : 12 Years Old
Breed : Maltese
Owner's Name : Sharum Lam