Friday, June 21, 2013

Lucky & Natural Pet

“ This is how Lucky look like when i first save her from the street. She scratched till she bled and she pulled all her hair out till she was totally balded. She was very weak and her skin smelt like raw meat. She even chew at her body untill she had open sores. I took her to the vet and Dr say this skin condition will take few months to recover. There are so many days when i would pick her up just to cradle her in my arms and i have tried my best to make her life as comfortable as possible.
Than through a friend recommendation i try Natural Pet Skin & Coat supplement for her optimal fur growth. And surprisingly, she took less than a month to get back her looking and she feel so much stronger. I started her with a pill a day and within weeks she was growing her hair back. I cannot express my feelings in words for this as i still cant believe it when i keep looking at the picture and like people say, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart for this miracle product. ”

Product : Natural Pet Skin & Coat Supplement
Pet's Name : Lucky
Age : 5 month
Breed : Mixed breed
Owner’s Name : Audrey Lau